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Supergirl stars Katie McGrath and Andrea Brooks preview what’s to come for Lena and Eve in Season 5 with the fallout of Season 4’s shocking betrayals looming large on the horizon.

Over the course of its first three seasons, Supergirl tackled many stories of betrayal and heartbreak; however, Season 4 took the cake by taking things to a whole new level.

After standing idly by in the background as Lena’s quiet assistant, Eve’s true intentions came to light when it was revealed she had been working for Lena’s dastardly brother Lex all along. With the flip of a switch, Eve blindsided Lena and those around her as a pawn in Lex’s grand scheme.

While Eve’s shocking betrayal threw Lena and company for a major loop in Season 4, as Lena quickly discovered, it was just the tip of the iceberg.

In one last attempt to break his sister’s spirits and get one over on her once again, Lex revealed the truth about Kara’s secret identity. While she put on a brave face initially, the fallout of discovering everyone close to her has been keeping her in the dark won’t be easy for Lena to overcome with the fallout set to play a key role in Season 5.

“I think what’s going to be great about this season is you’re going to be seeing Lena deal with the fallout of everybody betraying her,” McGrath previewed. “What does that do to a person and what does that do to a human being who’s a very caring, emotional human beings to have that completely ripped away from her? And I think what’s really interesting from the character point of view is going to be discovering what is left after that, what that does to somebody, how they move forward and if they can.”

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