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Supergirl will be taking her last flight. The CW and producers Warner Bros TV and Berlanti Productions just announced that the drama series starring Melissa Benoist will conclude with the upcoming sixth season, set for premiere on the CW in 2021. It is the second series from the CW’s DC Arrowverse to come to an end following Arrow, which wrapped its eight-year run last season.

Production on all 2020-21 broadcast series was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, Supergirl had been targeting a later start of production to accommodate the pregnancy of star Benoist. I hear the series is slated to begin filming in Vancouver next Monday, Sept. 28, pending a deal with the local unions to comply with SAG’s testing guidelines, which has been a sticking point for a number of Hollywood productions there. The series would initially be filming around Benoist who would join the production later, I have heard.

Between the delays and Supergirl’s downward ratings trajectory, I hear the producers, the studio, the network and Benoist came to a decision that it was better to end the show with a longer final season.

The creative team has started developing the storylines for the final 20 episodes. The order is expected to be longer than most broadcast series this coming season, including the CW scripted shows, which will be launching in January and beyond.

As it keeps adding new series every season, the CW also has been retiring veterans. It ended three established series in each of the last two seasons, including Arrow, Supernatural and The 100 this past season. (Because of the pandemic, Supernatural‘s final season stretched to this fall.) The network, which traditionally gives its long-running series a proper farewell by announcing their final seasons ahead of time, will likely reveal more shows coming to an end after the upcoming season in the coming weeks.

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All of The CW’s superhero exhibits have been delayed till 2021, however Supergirl season 6 is being pushed again till Summer time 2021 for one essential motive.

Superhero followers should wait slightly longer for Supergirl Season 6 than they may the remainder of the Arrowverse exhibits. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the leisure trade, shutting down manufacturing on quite a few tv packages and movie units. It had a significant impact on the Arrowverse particularly, with the manufacturing shutdowns coming simply earlier than Batwoman, Supergirl and The Flash completed filming their newest seasons’ finales. All of those sequence had their last episodes rewritten and re-edited from the finished footage, leading to some drastically totally different endings and main cliffhangers.

The CW determined to delay manufacturing on all of their sequence via the top of the yr, however nonetheless plans to do full season orders for the entire Arrowverse exhibits. A tentative schedule for the 2021 season has been launched, however one sequence was notably absent from the premiere line-up: Supergirl, which has at all times launched its new season together with the opposite Arrowverse exhibits ever because it moved from CBS to The CW in 2016.

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