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[ Written on January 13 2022 by Vicki ]

I am selling (domain and content) please email me at colinmorganonline@gmail.com or DM me on twitter @foxyhorrorgames, I have been thinking on this decision for a while now, comes with a brand new header, huge gallery (pretty much all projects capped), selling all for $150, can come with twitter account too! There are 91,532 files in the gallery!

Will be deleted on the 1st February 2022 if not sold!

Supergirl’s Katie McGrath Opens Up About Emotional Series Finale: ‘You Want To Get It Right’

[ Written on November 11 2021 by Vicki ]

Supergirl‘s two-hour series finale proved to be an emotional ride indeed.

The Melissa Benoist-led series concluded its journey Tuesday on The CW after six seasons. And according to Benoist’s costar Katie McGrath, it was important for those involved in the production to do right by the viewers in the end.

“You just want to get it right, and you don’t have a huge amount of time,” McGrath, 38, told The Wrap. “And at the same time, while you’re trying to get it right, there’s also in your head, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, this has been five years for me, this is kind of a goodbye.’ This is five years! And you’ve got all this going on in your head and you’re trying to get it right and you’re trying to do it justice and trying to do the words justice and it’s a lot. It’s a lot. It’s an emotional moment.”

McGrath, who played Lena Luthor, said realizing she’d no longer be working with her Supergirl colleagues made filming the end all the more challenging.

“Part of all that last episode was not just Lena, it’s Katie as well,” she said. “Like, these actors, this crew, they all became my family. We spent nine months of the year together, you know, making this show — we were each other’s lives.”

“You’re not just saying goodbye in the moment as Lena and the rest of the super friends. You’re saying goodbye as Katie and the rest of my friends,” she continued. “So there’s a sort of added weight towards the themes that it becomes — it was a big week. The last week was a big week.”

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Supergirl – Kara Screencaptures

[ Written on November 10 2021 by Vicki ]

I have added screencaps from the final ever episode.

Supergirl – The Last Gauntlet Screencaptures

[ Written on November 10 2021 by Vicki ]

I have added screencaps from episode 19.

Supergirl – Kara Stills

[ Written on November 05 2021 by Vicki ]

I have added stills from the final ever episode =[

Supergirl – The Last Gauntlet Stills

[ Written on November 04 2021 by Vicki ]

I have added stills from episode 19.

Supergirl – Truth Or Consequences Screencaptures

[ Written on November 03 2021 by Vicki ]

I have added screencaps from epsiode 18.

Supergirl – I Believe In A Thing Called Love Screencaptures

[ Written on October 27 2021 by Vicki ]

I have added screencaps from epsiode 17.

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