June 24th, 2020

Name: Katie McGrath
From: Ashford, County Wicklow, Ireland
Hair: Dark, naturally blonde
Eyes: Blue/Green
Height: 5ft 5½in

  • Has a tattoo on her back that says ‘Purity’.
  • Parents are Mary and Paul McGrath.
  • Has two brothers, Sean and Rory.
  • She studied the International Baccalaureate at St. Andrews College before graduating from Trinity College, Dublin with a degree in History.
  • Loves comic books.
  • She is a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan and collects Star Wars figures.
  • Worked several jobs prior to becoming an actress: at a piercing studio, in a cocktail bar, as a make-up artist for MAC cosmetics, worked for Image magazine, and as a wardrobe assistant on The Tudors.
  • Worked under costume designer Joan Bergin on the set of The Tudors.
  • For her character’s death scene in Jurassic World, she did all of her own stunts.

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